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Want to Create a Language Learning Website?

godaddy coupon codes 2018First off, congratulations! The decision to start something new is always a necessary first step to making a massive change in your life. Now that you’re ready to start building a website, let’s give you some tips to get started on building that website.

First: Use a GoDaddy Coupon Code For Hosting.

You might think that there are many free website options like, Weebly and others. When you make a free website, you are giving them your materials: they own it, not you. So instead, you should invest in your self-hosted website. We chose GoDaddy because it is the biggest in the world, so many of you will end up signing up with them anyways.

And they have the best promo codes that we’ve seen. They have a pretty good VPS promotion currently running. That’s a pretty sweet deal and can save you hundreds of dollars per year in the long term. Install WordPress for free, add a free WordPress theme (there are tens of thousands of free themes!) and then you’re already more than halfway there to a professional website!

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Populate Your Site with Professional Images Using Getty Images Coupon Codes.

There are lots of free stock photo sites out there. But if you want to make your website have the looks and feel of a professional website, then you should invest in stock photos. Here’s a hot tip: use coupon codes to save on stock images. Be prepared to spend about $50/month even with these promo codes.Click here to see the latest Getty Images promo codes.

Consider Your Site Architecture.

Look at your website from a visitor’s point of view. If they want to learn Japanese, for example, where should they start? What’s the first page they should read? Seeing your site as a journey from beginning to end can help you design the website’s navigational menu, pages, and buttons.

Now that you have a website, have you considered creating a Chrome-extension to help your students learn as they surf the web? Here are three examples:

Three Must-Have Chrome Tools for Learning Japanese 

Whether you’re just beginning to read Japanese or you’ve already mastered the language at a higher level, these extensions for the Google Chrome browser will make reading and learning Japanese much easier. Best of all, they’re all free to use.

1) IPA Furigana

IPA Furigana is a browser

 add-on that helps you read text written in kanji, displaying the most likely reading above each kanji character. You can choose from hiragana, katakana or romaji. IPA Furigana also lets you set the font size and color to suit your needs.

2) Characterizer 

Characterizer adds kanji to your everyday web surfing. It takes a percentage of the words on each page and replaces them with Japanese characters. You can choose to switch the whole word for a kanji character, or just change the first letter so the rest of the word is readable. You can also vary the percentage of kanji characters on each page.

3) Rikaigu

Rikaigu, the successor to the popular Rikaikun, provides you with a quick and easy way to read unfamiliar kanji without having to stop and trawl through a dictionary. Just hover your cursor over the word you want to look up, and Rikaigu will display definitions and pronunciation for that string of kanji.

While these tools can’t take the place of committed study, they’ll certainly make the process of mastering Japanese easier and more pleasant.